We find it thrilling to see the number of items being sold by our merchants increase month after month. As your business grows faster, the ability to quickly understand your business and its performance is crucial. In order to provide more insight into your business, we’ve launched the following new features for store owners on Squarespace:

Sales Overview in Metrics

This new feature, available in the Activity area of your Website Manager, gives you a snapshot of your sales by the number of units sold and revenue over time. You can view total sales across your entire store or filter by a particular product to see how it’s performing. We also provide you with a list of your top products by units sold and revenue so you always be on top of your key sales drivers.

We’re also introducing a few new tiles in the Metrics app so you can keep up with your sales no matter where you are. These will be available with the next update in the App Store.

Payment Activity

We’ve also taken steps to establish a clearer link between orders that appear in Squarespace and the corresponding payment activity in Stripe. All orders now link back to the related charge in Stripe, and we have created a dashboard pulling in all successful payments, failed payments, refunds, and chargebacks recorded in Stripe. This dashboard gives you the tools to quickly troubleshoot customer inquiries about whether an order has gone through, whether a refund should have been received, or any other related questions.

We hope these new features help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively. As always, we’d love to hear from you – send us your feedback via Twitter @squarespace.