Business Consulting:

Complex business questions are inherently part of moving an organization forward. Our expertise and unique ability to identify the answers you need to make decisive choices and deliver sustainable results is the cornerstone to the success we are able to achieve with our clients. The unbiased perspective we give our business partners is exclusive to our methodology and business world view, we see the globalizing fast-pace business environment of todays economy as the ultimate opportunity for growth, innovation, and success.

Unencumbered Perspective - Real Time Trend Recognition -Wide Scope Business Insight

Success in today’s business environment requires more than sound tested business practices, it requires innovation, technology, and forward thinking to anticipate, adapt, and harness the future changes that most industries rarely see coming. We help our clients see the big picture of their business environment and stay relevant and prosper no matter the climate in their industry.

- Jonathan Mayorga


Analysis and Process Optimization

Business Analysis

The dynamic business environments that exist in today’s economy have required that organizations seek practitioners capable of identifying and solving current and emerging business needs. Our business analysts are experienced in providing valuable and timely solutions for a wide range of business areas such as process improvement, systems development, and organizational changes. They serve to as liaison between our clients, stakeholders, IT, and solutions team to discover, identify, and develop high quality requirements that maximize value for users and customers.


Deep Assessment of Opportunities - High Value Requirement Elicitation - Requirement Lifecycle Management


Process Optimization

Recently businesses are bombarded with a wide variety of improvement philosophies and methods, each of which pose both benefit but also have weaknesses. These process and approaches when applied correctly can foster rapid improvement across an organization however identifying these solutions are most often the most convoluted portion. The proprietary conceptual framework used at the Mayorga Firm has been developed over many projects with the expertise and input of many professionals to yield greater results and create sustainable change. We provide not only the guidance on what to improve but help business identify key value stream and business processes to generate the highest yield of return.

Define Critical Value Streams - Design Processes Optimization - Implement Improvement Method

Project Management

Project Management

Understanding change is much different from accomplishing it. At the heart of the Mayorga Firm our unparalleled ability to execute a project for our clients has been our key to ensuring our clients benefit from our involvement. We work intensely with our clients to ensure all deliverables are finished on time, on budget, and as required. From traditional project management techniques to the newly popular iterative method of agile, our partners design a strategy nature to your organization and ensure business goals and timelines are met.

Requirements Elicitation & Procurement - Risk & Stakeholder Management - Agile Project Management


Change Management

Transitions in any organization carry inherent risk to overall health of a business however failing to orchestrate change in you company can leave it struggling to find success. Our professionals work tirelessly with organizations of any size to direct necessary change and adapt its implementation dynamically so that organization continue to preform during the process. Company's have responsibilities to all of their stakeholders and ensuring that as evolve they maintain business culture, morale, and vision is a fundamental aspect of positive change management.

Culture &Talent Analysis - Technology Adoption & Integration  - Intercultural & Conflict Management

Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership

The scope of issues and problems that moderns business are required to understand and solve is growing as fast as companies are faced with them. Creating clear vision, rigorous operational analysis, and organizing a company’s direction has allowed our clients to seemingly anticipate change and act on the possibilities it brings. Our knowledge, insight and experience helps senior executive solve and overcome the most difficult and complex issues facing their organization.

Strategy Development  - Social Impact Engineering - Operations Framework

Today’s economy is fast paced and constantly changing; companies must quickly adapt to this environment in order to stay relevant and successful. The Mayorga Firm has a strong passion for guiding companies in their purity to improve their organization through technology a process optimization. Our philosophy for creating theses solutions is simple: create a format that is innovative, effective, and practical. The realist is a ground-breaking solution that is accessible and easily implemented.”

- Jonathan Mayorga